Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My husband went to Tallulah to go duck hunting with his sister and her boyfriend for his birthday. Happy 24th Hubby! ( on Sunday) He had a great birthday and I am so glad he finally got to go hunting. Maybe I shouldnt be too happy because before he even left Tallulah and was already making plans to go back... Boys!

While he was gone my mother in law and I did some hunting of our own... house hunting! This is such a stressful thing! I get so overwhelmed at the choices! But, I am so thankful to have my mother in law who actually LIKES this sort of this! it really works out great! =) At this moment we are in between two houses. I am going to list some of our pros and cons and see if you guys will be able to help us make our decision on which things are most important in a house.. okay here we go...

location- front of Kingwood or back of kingwood
Sq ft- 1800 vs 2253 ( i know most people think more is better but necessary?)
new vs old
 hr2361310-1.jpg or hr2468458-1.jpg

what are your thoughts on these? For those of you who have owned new and/or old houses please include your input, especially on repairs!

I am so excited that our house hunting experience might finally be coming to a close.... well, maybe...! I have learned with this it isnt done until its done! =) Wish us luck! Oh and I hope Bubba likes atleast one of them hehe


  1. With no such luck our house hunting has not come to an end! Gah, I am really so sick of having loud people living above us and NO SPACE! I am half way going INSANE

  2. What happened? Neither one worked out? Ok, so I would say if an old house is really old, go for a newer one, but if it's not REALLY old, don't rule it out. I would give anything to have more square feet! BUT...an old house IS going to have more maintenance problems. One other thing to keep in mind...if you come across a 4-bedroom that you can afford, JUMP ON IT!! Again, I would give anything to have a guest bedroom! With another one on the way, Madison is going to need her own room after the new baby stops sleeping in yall's room. And...you will use a guest bedroom more than you think you will. And...you can tastefully store "extra" things in a guestroom, plus, it gives you another closet! I LOVE house hunting! I wish I could be there to help you. I also love your new blog! Great way to keep us out-of-towners up to date on your sweet family. Hope you're feeling well. Kim

  3. Well, house #1 the lady was too pushy and barely gave Bubba and I a second to discuss things and whether we could afford it and stuff. She wanted us to sign on the house the next day!! But we havent thought everything through!! So we decided we needed more time to talk than 24 hours. House #2 Bubba did not like very much! Mostly because of the location, which is important.
    Thanks for all the house advice... You should come down one weekend and help Daretia! hehe. She likes house hunting a lot too.... I DO NOT! I really want to be in a house and in the moment it is hard for me to convince myself, I dont NEED that house. =)
    Thanks, I have really started to enjoy blogging! Such a great way to scrapbook my life. Hope you are doing well! We miss you!