Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Claylon at 9 months

WOW! it has been a very long time since I have blogged. Claylon has grown so much over the past 3 months.
You weigh: 2
You wear: size 5 Diaper and 12-18 clothes
You sleep:  You sleep much better at night whenever you have a big meal (yes, we are finally on food) 
You eat: momma's milk, broccoli and sweet potatoes. We call you the snapping turtle because once the spoon gets into your mouth you snap down. It is so cute! I love feeding you, it is so much fun! 
Since you were 6 months old: You have started to stand and are cruising. But, you still have the most PERFECT form when you crawl, You look like one of those battery powered dolls. You have TWO teeth. You say "dada". Which  is totally okay because Madison said "mama" first =). You are into EVERYTHING (especially if it is something your sister has). You and your sister are so fun to watch together. I love every minute with you in it and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with you because I would have missed out big time if I would have made my own plans! Love you Claylon!! 
 This was the hardest photo shoot yet! Claylon is SOOOO not into sitting still 
 Im outta here

yes, it took two of us to TRY to get one good picture... This would have been really good. Nice one mom! 


 Im getting sleepy! 
...and finally =) Happy 9 Months my sweet chunky baby! Mommy loves you to the moon and back

Madison is TWO!

I cannot believe my baby girl is TWO! She is the most beautiful, funny, stubborn, smart, independent baby girl ever!

Here are a few of the things she is doing now:
Loves: to DANCE, books, babies, bath bubbles, cheese, ice cream, and anything outside.
Not to fond of: eating, following directions But what 2 year old do you know that does?!

Funny/special moments in her life right now are:
*She gets confused between the ending of a prayer and the end of a book, she says "the end" after praying and "amen" at the end of a book
*She will try every word that comes out of your mouth (I need to be careful!!) A few favorites are "sta-bers" (strawberries), "I-crem" (Ice cream), "I DO IT" (this is heard atleast 10 times a day)
*I really need to put Madison is acting classes! She is my little actress and is so dramatic ;)

Here are some photos from her birthday party. Dont you LOVE the outfits? They are made by sheshemade.com you should check her out, she has some of the cutest things I have ever seen!

 This is after the balloon drop we had! All of the children had such a great time! 

There are so many more great pictures from the party but they are on my phone and I havent figured out how to get my pictures on to my blog from my phone ;)

I love you my sweet Madison! You are my favorite little girl ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Claylon is half a year!

This month:
You weigh: 20lbs (which is a huge weight gain!! )
You wear: size 4 diaper (but fit into sisters 5s just fine)  and 6-9 months clothes. Some 12 months 
You sleep:  You have been waking up very often in the night so we are about to start some food on you and see if that helps. 
You eat: momma's milk only. We are about to start some solids within the next few weeks because I am not able to "beef" of my milk enough for you to sleep through the night 
This month you: Started to sit up on your own and roll and scoot to get into EVERYTHING! looks like you and your sister are having more and more in common everyday!