Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show us you life- Dining room

This week Kelly's corner is a tour of our dining rooms. Our dining room is FAR from your typical fancy chairs and table. Without further ado, welcome to our dining room....
We use our "dining room" as a play room! We have not lived in our house for very long and we are still working on everything to get it just how we like. This is one of my favorite rooms in our house because its well... just fun! 
This wall will eventually be filled with more artwork and family pictures. My friend Christin has the best ideas about decorating and this one is definitely one of my most favorite. So far, there is Madison's first artwork, first swimsuit, and both babies announcements. I really need to get to work filling up the other frames and getting more up there. My goal is to have the whole playroom filled with pictures and fun memorabilia. 

This light I got from IKEA. I think it is just so fitting for a playroom. I have it filled with balls right now but you can change the items you put into the bucket. SO FUN!
And then, of course, the toys!!

I figure one day my husband and I will have our fancy glass table and cloth chairs but for now this is just perfect for our family! 

Friendly Friday Follow

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Favorite Songs

1. "Undo" by Rush of Fools Rush of Fools

2. "100 years" by five for fighting 100 Years (Five for Fighting)

Me, Myself, & Lies

Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild is the bible study I am currently in. It has really opened my eyes to the things I say to myself that are not GOD's truths but ideals the EMENY tries to make me believe.
If you are ever able to participate in this bible study I HIGHLY recommend it! Or if you are disciplined enough to do a self-taught bible study try this one out. =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The 'breast milk' for adults

As many of you know I am pretty into breast feeding and love to learn about all of the things that breast milk does for a baby! But now I have found the "breast milk for adults"... Coconut oil! The thing in breast milk that does its miracle work is called lauric acid. The only other place you can find lauric acid is in coconut oil. There are a million and one things that are amazing about coconut oil and I cant wait to try them all!! You should try it too and then share what you have found coconut oil works on! So far I have found that coconut oil makes stechmarks almost completely go away. I still had remaining strechmarks from Madison and I have only been using the coconut oil on it for a week and you can see only faint traces of them... I AM SO EXCITED to finally look at my tummy and not look like I got attacked by a grizzily bear. My skin feels silky and soft, my sons diaper rash is calmed down, and i have a TON of energy now! I eat one TBS in the morning (with my green smoothie) and I feel energy all day long!

Post a comment and tell me your thoughts/ideas/uses for coconut oil....'the breast milk for adults' ( I should totally paten that hehe)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Claylon is 2 months old!

You weigh: 14.1lbs which is 93.2%

You wear: size 2 diaper and 3-6/6 months clothes 

You sleep:  5-6 hours a night

You eat: momma's milk only and YOU LOVE IT

You have learned how to: smile, coo, you are holding your head up very well but its still is very tiring and hard to do, 

you love to BE HELD BY MOMMA, swing and be talked to! 

Bummers this month:  you also are still spitting up and crying in the car seat! But, I finally got your booty rash under control! 

This month you still look at lot like your uncle Justin!