Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's A BOY!

We have kind of known that we were having a boy since the very dr. appointment. At 13 weeks I saw the doctor for the first time and it was so special because Bubba actually was able to come to one of my appointments. Anyway, we were getting the "date ultrasound" and above the doctor talking you hear Bubba go, "IS THAT A PENIS?!" He was so excited he couldnt even keep it under control!! That doctor's response was that it had boy parts but not to paint the room blue just yet. So we didnt really think much of it because we werent 100% sure.

We had plans to find out the gender of the baby on Madison's birthday (early that morning) but on the next doctors visit we found out on "accident"... I went in for a routine check up and they couldnt find the baby's heartbeat so my doctor got me into a ultrasound room and right when i mean RIGHT when she put the thing on my belly there was a baby boy part but since we werent really there to find anything but the heartbeat she didnt stop to take a picture. Once she got a good look at the babies heartbeat she went back to get a picture of his manhood but then he woulnt uncross his legs... silly boy!

I told Bubba by buying him lunch and in the food box I wrote its a boy!!! When he opened his lunch I seriously thought his smile was going to be permeant! He was SO EXCITED!!!

We go this Saturday to get another ultrasound so maybe this time we can actually get some proof!! We are so excited that we are going to be blessed with one girl and one boy. It is just absolutely perfect!