Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Madison is TWO!

I cannot believe my baby girl is TWO! She is the most beautiful, funny, stubborn, smart, independent baby girl ever!

Here are a few of the things she is doing now:
Loves: to DANCE, books, babies, bath bubbles, cheese, ice cream, and anything outside.
Not to fond of: eating, following directions But what 2 year old do you know that does?!

Funny/special moments in her life right now are:
*She gets confused between the ending of a prayer and the end of a book, she says "the end" after praying and "amen" at the end of a book
*She will try every word that comes out of your mouth (I need to be careful!!) A few favorites are "sta-bers" (strawberries), "I-crem" (Ice cream), "I DO IT" (this is heard atleast 10 times a day)
*I really need to put Madison is acting classes! She is my little actress and is so dramatic ;)

Here are some photos from her birthday party. Dont you LOVE the outfits? They are made by sheshemade.com you should check her out, she has some of the cutest things I have ever seen!

 This is after the balloon drop we had! All of the children had such a great time! 

There are so many more great pictures from the party but they are on my phone and I havent figured out how to get my pictures on to my blog from my phone ;)

I love you my sweet Madison! You are my favorite little girl ;)

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