Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Dream Kitchens

1. 1-kotm-kitchen-1108-xlg-29249282.jpg
This kitchen is BEAUTIFUL and I love how 'old fashion' it looks, but in all reality it is not something I would actually have. It definitely fits well with my cottage house on the mountains in Colorado!!!! HEHE 

2. Dream-Rooms-by-Dream-Kitche.jpg
This is a more realistic dream kitchen! The kitchen I have now does not allow for me to be able to have a kitchen like this one so hopefully in a few years we will move into a bigger house that does allow for a huge kitchen !! I love the color of the cabnets, it is soo unique and the color of the wood and granite... it just all goes together so well!! ahhh.... what a nice dream, thanks Taylor =) 

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  1. the pictures arent showing up for me for some reason :( but Im sure these are both fabulous! Thanks for linking up!