Monday, October 4, 2010

Claylon is 3 months old!

You weigh: 15.10
You wear: size 2 diaper and 6/6-9 months clothes 
You sleep:  5-6 hours a night normally but atleast once a week you will sleep for 8 hours! 
You eat: momma's milk only. You are doing a little too well on the bottle and sometimes prefer
This month you laughed for the first time! You are the most ticklish baby ever. I just love the sound of your laugh it makes me so happy. You love to coo with just about anyone that will talk to you.  
Bummers this month:  you also are still spitting up and I am getting very ready for you to grow out of this!! 
This month you still look at lot like your uncle Justin, I think. But, I have gotten tons of comments that you look just like your sissy. 

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